Antique Extravaganza

So we’ve done a lot of talking about Ephrata the past few months, where to go and eat and drink, but I think it’s time to focus a bit more on the outskirts of the Lancaster County, especially with September being prime travel season for those near and far. This brings me to antiques. Last year we discussed the best antique shopping spots all around Lancaster including some fan favorites in Adamstown, Downtown Lancaster, and the ever popular Lancaster roadside stands. This week, we’re delving deep into the psyche of those antique fanatics that thrive on shows like Pawn Stars, American Diggers, Storage Wars, and Antique Roadshow. We hit the big spots, the ultimate finds, and why Lancaster, PA is the place to be if you’re searching for that forgotten heirloom. Nicknamed, Antique Capital USA, the Lancaster area has been home to treasured relics for centuries. While most visit the… Read More

Travel Blog

So awhile back, I joined this creative forum on Facebook called “The Rising Tide Society”. I joined for two reasons; number one I needed impartial and unbiased advice on everything to do with my business from our logo design to how our website operated. This was the practical reason to join the group, but the other reason that truly resonated with me is that the group practices and preaches one very unique mantra- Community over Competition. I loved this idea, while healthy competition makes the world go around, anyone in the creative event field knows that a helping hand or friendly face always makes a stressful situation better. So with the spirit of the Rising Tide Society, I dedicate this week’s blog to community over competition and letting you know about some great other bed and breakfasts to visit during your travels. If you’re traveling to : Virginia : The Mark Addy Inn. A… Read More

Look Ahead To Fall

The end of summer can be hard, especially for those of us that have spent the past 3 months lounging by the beach, traveling the country, or simply just relaxing at home with family and friends. But, fear not. The end of summer just means the beginning of cooler weather, Fair month, and a lineup of great activities here at the 1777 Americana Inn Bed and Breakfast and the Black Forest Brewery! This weeks blog is all about getting you out of the “end of summer” funk and get you looking forward to the Fall time bliss that awaits you in Lancaster County. Let’s first start off with, Fairs. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll have read all about the Berks and Lancaster fairs that revitalize the communities around the B&B in the fall. There are countless street fairs, country festivals, and local organizations that showcase the best Lancaster eats, drinks, and rides that are… Read More

A Taste Of Italy In Lancaster

About 6 years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Cape May, New Jersey. While strolling the downtown area we came across a tiny shop in the bottom of a beautiful old Victorian mansion.  I walked into this shop and I felt like I was walking into my mecca, it was filled with olive oils, vinegars, salts, sugars, dips, and gourmet was my paradise. This shop known as the Cape May Tasting Room was the first olive oil store I had ever been to and my taste buds were delighted. Since our trip to Cape May, I have drug my husband in and out of every olive oil shop I could find, including a very pleasant trip to Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom in downtown Lancaster. While at the Summer 2016 Fig Launch, I met Micaela Ferrari, a staff member at Seasons and she kindly invited me to the shop for an extended tasting and as we all know, I never turn down a foodie experience! Inside… Read More

I Scream, You Scream

This summer has been HOT. So hot that I feel it is my solemn duty to report how we can beat the heat. So besides jumping into a large body of cold water, what better way is there to cool off than with ICE CREAM!  Ice cream - the quintessential frozen treat of the summer, the master of sugary ceremonies, the rewarding dessert at the end (beginning or middle) of a long hot summer day, ice cream is definitely the answer and this week I made it my plan to find the best frozen treats around Ephrata. Let’s start closer to Berks County, a short ride from the 1777 Americana down 272 to Adamstown, you’ll find a place that Guy Fieri would only describe as a trip to “Flavortown”- Boehringer’s Drive-In. Boehringer’s has been a Berks and Lancaster seasonal fan favorite for over 70 years and it’s staple counter service and outdoor seating make it a true summertime memory for many people.… Read More

Refreshing Mountain, Part Two

So last week I got to tell you all about my zip lining adventures at Refreshing Mountain, but I didn't want to overload the blog with awesomeness so I saved the second portion of my day for this week. If you follow my weekly escapades around the Ephrata area, you'll know that Refreshing Mountain is a Christian adventure retreat camp only 10 minutes from the 1777 Americana Inn B&B, if you don't follow our blogs, well now you know. I was graciously allowed to come and experience one of their two zip-lining and adventure courses designed to promote team building and wholesome family fun. What I didn't expect was to be guided by such a self-aware, genuine, and enthusiastic naturist who shared my interest for animals and education. In a previous life, before my blogging and event coordinating passions came about, I was a marine biologist. I wasn't just any marine biologist, I was a marine… Read More

Refreshing Mountain, Part One

Three years ago I was blessed to marry my best friend and go on amazing honeymoon with him to the Caribbean islands. While there we snorkeled, walked the pristine beaches, and decided to zip-line through the jungle of the Dominican Republic. We thought, why not… we’re here and when are we going to get to zip-line through a jungle again. Well my husband had other thoughts as we stood 800 feet above the ground about to jump off a tiny platform and hurl through the jungle at an incredible speed, his thoughts were more like “there is no way on earth I am stepping off this tiny little platform to my untimely death”, but he did and we made it and it was incredible. The scenery, the speed, the thrill, the waterfalls, needless to say we made a lifelong memory that day. So, naturally when I found out (most recently) that there was this incredible thrill seeking adventure right in our Lancaster… Read More

Ephrata, A Place for a Quiet Adventure

In a couple weeks, you will be able to look forward to  blog completely dedicated to the adrenaline rushing adventurous experience at Refreshing Mountain, but for now I would love the opportunity to talk a little about the quiet adventures you can have in and around Ephrata! Quiet adventures, seems like a bit of an oxymoron in my eyes,  but sometimes a quiet adventure is all a couple needs to enjoy a weekend away. I've done the quiet adventure thing with my husband, more often than not it's a simple walk down the beach on a summer morning or a hike around the campgrounds that doesn't result in a full sweat, but what quiet adventures does our quaint little town of Ephrata have to offer? My first suggestion for a nice leisurely afternoon adventure would be to walk the Linear Park Trail, renamed in 2013 as the Major Richard D. Winters Memorial Trail. My first experience with this trail… Read More

Sight & Sound Theater

It’s a Thursday in April, there is not anything special about this particular Thursday, it was not exceptionally sunny nor did it snow. It wasn’t a blistering 90 degrees nor was it an unseasonably cold day, but despite its overall normalcy you would have thought by the droves of people heading into the Sight & Sound Theater that the Queen of England herself had arrived in Lancaster. It has been many years since I stepped foot in front of the Lion and Lamb statue that has become an iconic staple of the Lancaster area, but the feeling as I was pushed and prodded into the theater remained the same, that of complete excitement. Sight and Sound Theater, a production company that specializes in bringing the stories of the Bible to life, has been outfitted with a 2000 seat theater and 300-foot stage since I had last been to see a show (Noah circa 1996). The massive exterior looks like something… Read More

When You Discover Cool New Things

Over the past few months, I have had the great opportunity to discover quite a number of what I'm appropriately calling" Cool New Things".  While others may not think them so "cool" I feel it my obligation to at least share my latest finds with the few of you who like the new and old, the fascinating and the weird, and the thrill of creativity. Find #1 - Allegro Vineyard ( Brogue, PA) By now, if you've been following the blogs or know me, you have probably surmised that I am a bit of a wino. I don't pretend to be a great sommelier or even a wine enthusiast, I simply love to experience new wines of all regions, flavors, colors, and styles. Recently, I had the pleasure of helping to choose the new wines for Black Forest Brewery's summer wine selection. This terrible task I was assigned landed me in the heart of York county at Allegro Vineyards (the oldest commercial vineyard in Pennsylvania).… Read More